30th Birthday Trip to Florida

All I really wanted for my 30th birthday was to go visit my lifelong best friend Stephanie in Florida. Getting to take a trip alone with my husband (our first trip by ourselves since our Honeymoon 7+ years ago!) was the icing on the proverbial birthday cake.

I started planning this months in advance, I have professed my love for Allegiant Airlines before, but if you aren't familiar, Allegiant is a no-frills, cheap airline - they happen to have a direct flight from Columbus, OH to Sanford, FL with a weekend turnaround which is just perfect for us.  To give you an idea of cost, I booked round trip flights for us both and rented a car for the weekend for a grand total of $505 - that included all taxes and fees and one carry-on bag.  

Our flight left on a Thursday evening at 5 pm.  It had been a little icy that morning but the weather wasn't terrible by Ohio winter standards...but still, we were giddy about the thought of the Florida sunshine.

Airplane selfie...free!  We are free!

We were just going for the weekend so we shared a carry-on bag (part of what makes Allegiant so cheap is that you pay for ANY extras, including a carry-on or drinks/snacks on the plane).  We fit all of our stuff, but next time I would probably pay for us to both have a carry on.  I compensated for the lack of space by packing my gigantic purse as full as I could stuff it. :)

We landed in Florida around 7 pm to a glorious 60 degrees.  We picked up our rental car, since it was so cheap I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with a 2015 Ford Fusion.  We loved this car!

We drove over to Daytona Beach shores for the night where I had booked us a room right on the beach.  It was dark by the time we got there, but we sat outside on our balcony listening to the ocean in the dark.  When we got up in the morning, we were greeted with this:

Taken from the pool area of the hotel


We swam, got in the hot tub for awhile, then took our time getting ready and walked on the beach.  It was pretty chilly, some people we saw were even wearing winter coats, but I didn't care and took my shoes off.

We walked down to have breakfast at Crabby Joe's, which is a restaurant out on a pier.  I had wanted to eat there when we were there this summer, but it was packed, so we didn't.

It wasn't too crowded for breakfast, and the food was good.  It seemed odd to order fish for breakfast, but when in Rome Florida....

We weren't meeting up with our friends until evening, so we drove up to St. Augustine for the day.  We had also been there this summer, but didn't have much of a chance to just wander around...our son was with us then, so we spent most of our time on the beach and doing kid things.  There are SO many shops and things to see in St. Augustine, it's easy to kill a day there just wandering.  Since we were alone this time, that's just what we did, and by the end of the day my Fitbit showed that we had walked 6 miles!  Unfortunately my phone died so I didn't get any pictures in St. Augustine, but it was just a really great day.  It had warmed up to about 75 degrees and we were so happy to just walk around and soak in that Florida sunshine.

Friday evening we met up with Stephanie and her husband to do one of those wine and painting classes that are so popular now.  It would probably not be the first choice of something to do on a Friday night for either of our husbands, but they were good sports about trying something new, and they both said they enjoyed it.

This was a couples' class, which meant that we painted two halves of the same painting...I love how it turned out!

Saturday morning we all got up and headed out to a local flea market - they had an awesome farmers market there, and I wished so bad I could take all that fresh produce home with me!  We got some strawberries and maybe it is just winter fresh fruit withdrawals, but I swear they were the best strawberries I've ever had.  

Saturday evening we went on a dinner cruise, but I'm going to recap that in a separate post in an effort to not make this the longest post ever.  I will just say, it was amazing.

Sunday morning we got up, Stephanie made us a good breakfast, and it was time to head home!  Happy and sad...not ready to leave Florida and our friends, but we were ready to get back to see the kids.  I am just so happy that we got to go.  We got to have a wonderful weekend to ourselves, spend time with friends, and to top it off I have great memories of my 30th birthday :)

Missing Running + Rosco The Puppy

This made my day.

This week I have just been feeling like I miss running so much.  It's hard to explain the love/hate relationship I have with running, but there is really nothing else that can make me feel as accomplished and pumped up as running does.  The bad things is that I've let myself fall so far that I have to basically start over.  The good news is that there is nothing stopping me from doing just that, except for myself.  I have the tools and resources available, I just have to do it.  One of my goals for 2015 is to actually complete the Couch to 5k program, and next week I plan to re-start it for the ten millionth time...except I plan to actually finish it this time.  

As far as weight loss goes - I need more cardio, less carbs.  The weekend that we went to FL, I forgot to weigh myself because we were in FL on Friday, my weigh in day.  I meant to do it early on Thursday but then the kids had a two hour delay that morning and it just threw everything off with trying to get to the airport on time, and I nearly lost my mind.  The week after that, I gained one pound.  I was happy with that because I ate pretty much whatever while in FL and only half-ass tracked everything.  This week my weight was exactly the same (I kind of wanted to pick up my scale and shake it, is this thing on?  the EXACT weight?  Really?).  I am also good with that for this week because I had quite a few birthday treats and did not exercise at all.  

I don't have any great excuse for not exercising, mostly lack of motivation.  We had a busy week at work which made lunch break workouts not really an option but I could have figured it out...I just chose not to.  Next week though - I am determined to get a loss on that scale.

My lack of motivation also has a little something to do with having a new puppy at home, he's like our new baby and like a little nap inducer.  His name is Rosco and he's a boxer/pitt/shepherd mix.

We weren't planning to get a puppy, we have a basset hound named Flash who is about 6 years old and he was happy being the king of the castle.  But my brother's dog who I just love had puppies, and this little guy looks just like his mama, and I couldn't resist,

He really is the sweetest and I've been doing things that I never EVER thought I would do, like letting him sleep in our bed and taking him places with us in the car.

Wherever you are, he wants to be on top of you...this could be a problem when he's full grown :)

My biggest worry was how the puppy would get along with Flash, but I think they're doing fine.  Flash is mostly annoyed by the puppy but he tolerates him.  

He is going to be a pretty big dog, and I really want to train him to be able to take him on walks with us, etc.  So far I think he is very smart and with the sweet personality he has now, I think he will be great to take places and be my walking buddy.

That's what's been going on at my house - how was your week?

30th Birthday Weekend

Well...it happened.  I'm a member of the thirty club now.  I have a lot to say about that...freaking out about turning 30 is the whole reason I started this blog...not freaking out anymore, but crazy that it's been over two years of blogging already.  For now though, I'll start with the birthday weekend events.

My birthday was on Sunday the 8th, but I pretty much got spoiled all weekend long.  On Friday I had to work, but my husband came and met me for lunch at Bdubs which was nice, and also surprised me with some birthday bling:

The pearls in this picture and the ring below (my birthstone).

I love it.  I am lucky that my birthstone is such a pretty purple :)

We had a ball game Friday night and then Saturday during the day we just hung out which was nice, and I ended up baking cookies.

For whatever reason, I guess just being busy baking and doing house stuff, I didn't eat much at all on Saturday until dinner.  My in-laws took my family to dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday Saturday night, and I actually came out ok on WW points because of this.  Olive Garden isn't usually my first choice because of carbs, but it's always my first choice on my birthday :)  I got the Tour of Italy, ate half, and tracked it and felt good about it.

My husband wanted to get me a cake but I'm actually not that crazy about cake so he got a cheesecake which was perfect.

On Sunday after church, my parents took me out to brunch to celebrate, and my sister Ann was able to join us.  They spoiled me too...my mom got me the cutest sign (below), an adorable scarf, and some pretty jewlery, and my sister passed down some beautiful amethyst earrings to me that she bought in the Caribbean for her 40th birthday, so she wanted me to have them for my 30th birthday.  I forgot to get a picture but they are beautiful.  

Sunday afternoon I got to have a relaxing girls' day with my cousin, her birthday is the day after mine.  She has five kids and we have three so it is a rare treat for us to be able to just hang out like that.

Not a great picture of us, but did it really happen without a picture? ;)

I also had a bunch of coupons and a gift card so I got to do a lot of shopping for free, which is the best!

And I ended the weekend with my husband making dinner and just relaxing and hanging out with the boys.

I'm pretty sure this is my new mantra to myself for my thirties:

I'm actually really excited to be in my thirties, I finally feel like a grownup and I'm excited for the future.

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