Easter Basket Candy Alternatives

When my older boys were little, we would lose our minds over their Easter baskets.  I kind of hate to think about how much money we wasted on candy that ended up just going in the trash.  The funny thing is that neither of them are that crazy about candy in the first place, so in the end, it would either get thrown away or I would end up eating it.  I'm not crazy about either scenario.

I think their favorite Easter basket ever was a few years ago when I was practically on my deathbed with food poisoning and my husband had to do the Easter shopping.  He bought the premade Easter baskets, the ones he bought had a little candy but one had a kickball and the other had a soccer ball.  They played with that kick ball forever and loved it.  My stepsons are 14 and 16, so they are pretty much out of the Easter basket stage - a few years ago I did iTunes gift cards in their baskets, last year we gave them money in an Easter card which was very popular.  This year we are giving them money in a plastic egg with some Reese's eggs. 

I also wanted to share my son's Easter basket - I do plan to put a little bit of candy in it (Easter isn't Easter without a chocolate bunny, right?), but I didn't want candy to be the primary focus.  Also...I probably wouldn't have just gone out and bought this much stuff for an Easter basket - his birthday was in early March, a lot of this stuff I bought for that, but when people started telling me everything they were getting him for his birthday, I knew he would have a ton of stuff so I held some of our gifts back.  His favorite gift that we did get him for his birthday was this United States of America puzzle found here, we play with that thing every dang day, and he doesn't realize it but he is learning which makes me happy.  

The basket as it is right now:

And the contents:

A 2-pack of baseball PJs from Target

Spiderman shirt (Target) and baseball shirt (Kohl's)

Fishing game from Target, for whatever reason he is obsessed with the idea of fishing right now

Bath egg from Dollar Tree

Baseball cards for my baseball obsessed child, $1 from Dollar Tree

And, for whatever reason, he is obsessed with chapstick and goes crazy for my EOS lip balm...but I don't like having 3 year old gnaw marks in it so I never let him use mine.  I figured this was perfect to put in his basket since it's egg shaped.

Like I said, I do plan to put SOME candy in over the weekend, I just didn't get a chance to do it this week yet.  Probably a chocolate bunny and a couple of suckers, maybe a couple of the applesauce pouches too.  I'm also going to put some spare change in a couple of plastic eggs and put in there, he is still little enough to get excited about pennies :)

I also mentioned to the grandparents that we don't need a ton of candy - they were both totally fine with that and not offended in the least that I suggested that.  My mom got him the movie Frozen instead of candy, which I think is a great option (and...I really want to see this movie, ha!).  

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  Happy Easter!

A Mixture of Non-Scale Victories

I just have a mix of non-scale victories this week.  Pretty much just living life, staying busy, and trying to keep everything together while working out and eating healthy.  

Snacking in the evening has always been a problem for me.  Yesterday my boy made cookies at the babysitter and I wasn't tempted to eat them in the evening.  I was able to look at them and make a conscious decision to not touch them, rather than eating them on impulse and feeling bad about it later.  This is a fairly new thing for me, overeating and binge eating have been a life-long problem.  I don't have any delusions that my problems are solved or that I'm "cured", it's always going to be a challenge, but every time I'm able to walk away like that makes it seem a little easier.  I think it's a combo of being "off" of sugar, lots of practice saying no, feeling good due to eating well, and keeping my goals in mind.

He had broccoli and a good dinner before the cookie, that's a win in my book.  

I did the 30 Day Shred for the first time in a looooong time.  Some people swear by home workouts, I'm not one of them.  I really enjoy getting out and going to the gym, working out in my living room just isn't my thing.  But...this is baseball season and our schedule is VERY busy, so I have to get creative to get workouts in.  The Shred was actually enjoyable because it was something different, and OMG were my abs sore the next day.  

Tuesday evening baseball was cancelled due to crappy weather, instead of just sitting at home we went swimming at the gym, which is rare for us on a weeknight.  It was fun and the world didn't end when bedtime wasn't on time.

I have posted before about wearing skinny jeans, it took me awhile but I got comfortable wearing them with knee high boots.  Since spring is here I've been trying to mix it up and wear them with flats.  Something about wearing them without my boots feels like I'm missing my security blanket, but the more I wear them, the more normal it seems.  

Other than that...workouts have been good and food has been completely low carb and on track.  A good week overall, I hope to keep that in mind and not let the Easter holiday and all the goodies that go with it throw me off.

What's your NSV this week?

Humpday Confessions - Pet Peeves

I *think* I'm pretty easy going and easy to get along with...but, like anyone, I do have a few things that get under my skin.  They are all pretty silly and nothing I get too excited over, nontheless, they are there.  Here are my top 10 pet peeves:

1.  Anyone chewing food with their mouth open...even kids.  My kids KNOW this is a non-negotiable thing, and they better not even think about doing anything gross at the table, because I can't handle it.  This is probably THE thing that they will be discussing with a therapist when they get older and it will all be because of me.  Eating chips garbage disposal style and snapping gum also falls under this umbrella.  Gah.

See?  I'm actually crazy.  There's even a name for it.

2.  People who stand hot on your heels in the grocery store checkout line.  Newsflash:  you standing close to me is not going to make the line move faster.

3.  People driving majorly under the speed limit for no apparent reason.  Just cruising along...

4.  I'm sure I've talked about this before, but the phrase "shoot me an email" is my least favorite phrase that exists.  I honestly don't know why, but it does.  Just say "email me."  Please? :)

5.  Maybe this is just a small town thing, but it drives me crazy when you have a lot of interaction with someone on Facebook, and then you run into them in real life and they act like they don't know you.  Is it that difficult to say hello?  No, no it is not.

6.  Excessive pen clicking.  Misophonia again.  

Some thoughts on "Misophonia" or when sounds make you angry...

7.  This is probably more confusion than a pet peeve, but I don't get why couples have joint Facebook accounts...Facebook is free.  Why not each person have their own?  It's confusing when you don't know which person is talking or commenting.  

8.  Doctors who are always extremely late.  I love my dermatologist but when I go I know I'm going to be sitting in the waiting room/exam room for at least an hour past my appointment time before I see the dr.  My time is valuable too, thanks.

9. Anyone who is excessively mean or rude to someone in customer service, whether that be a waitress, cashier, on the phone, whatever.  I worked in a gas station for a long time and I think I've pretty much seen it all.

10.  People who invade your space in the locker room when it's empty.  I don't get it.  If the locker room is TOTALLY empty, why come over to where I am to get a locker?  Just...why?

I want to hear all about your pet peeves in the comments! :)

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