Things I'm An Expert At

- Teaching my kid the art of the selfie:

- Falling asleep on the couch at 8 pm

- overpacking for vacation

- reading a book from cover to cover in a day

- being a control freak

- Thinking of the perfect comeback way after the fact

- wasting cute outfits on days that don't matter

- not knowing what to do with my hands when people are talking to me

- cooking large quantities of cheap food for my houseful of boys

- freaking out about things that don't even matter and/or will never happen

- annoying the shit out of my friends and family with my need to constantly take pictures

- talking to friends during sporting events and missing everything important about the game

- Facebook stalking finding out public information about people via the Internet

- spending too much at Maurices

- listening to a song until I wear it out and eventually can't stand it

- taking unflattering, cross-eyed selfies and sending them to friends

- using all the hot water in the house in my bubble bath

- not making the bed

- not putting my clothes away

- performing a one-woman concert in the car

- having a "glass" of wine and then actually having 3

- oversharing on Facebook

- trying my best and then trying some more to be a good stepmom...hopefully succeeding

- telling teenagers to pick up after themselves

- growing beautiful flowers without doing a darn thing to them (just lucky I guess)

- going on dates with this guy

- gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over

- dropping a favorite makup item and shattering it into a million pieces

- telling this boy I love him at least 5 times a day

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

Running Because I Want To

Yesterday, I ran.  Which isn't exactly newsworthy, except that lately I would rather walk over hot coals than even think about running.  Or exercise at all.  And I can definitely feel it.  

But yesterday, for whatever reason, I just felt like running.  So I packed up my stuff and ran on my lunch break.  I went back to my old standby of running a lap, walking a lap and I felt pretty good.  My legs hurt and I felt VERY slow and sluggish, but I quickly remembered why I like running...eventually.

I also had the thought that exercise become easier when it's a routine.  It SUCKS to get out of the routine and then start over (where I am now).  But once you get going, it becomes easier every day and after awhile it's just part of life.  

I think I am done with half marathons for awhile, but I really want to get back to the basics of running a couple of times a week at least and build up my running endurance again.  I've done it before, I can do it again...this time I want to do it the right way and stick with it.

Fall Is Going By Too Fast

I cannot believe we are basically halfway through October already!  Where did this year go?  

This past Friday, my husband and I both had the day off for a preschool field trip.  Unfortunately it got cancelled due to rain :( We had a really fun day anyway though.  We actually ended up putting our Christmas lights up while the weather is nice...we aren't going to turn them on yet but it's nice to know they are up and ready.  Of course we had to try them out the first night, our neighbors probably think we're nuts.

We also went out to lunch at our favorite mexican place, my favorite dish there is a veggie/chicken/rice/cheese combo, I did something I've never done before and ordered it with NO rice.  

Then we took a little nap...


And we ended up taking my oldest son (the 16 year old) out by himself to upgrade his phone.  He has had an old-school flip phone for over a year and was finally eligible for an upgrade and he's been asking me EVERY DAY for a month if we could go check it out.  Finally I caved.  I also ended up upgrading to the iPhone 6, we have Sprint and they were doing a buyback of the old iPhones - the iPhone 6 was $200 and they gave me $200 for my 4s, so I just had to pay tax and the upgrade fee.  I have to say I love the bigger screen!  After that we took him to B dubs (I had the naked chicken tenders) and it was so fun.  We don't do enough with the older two just individually, probably because they are always doing their own thing.  I realized Friday night that we need to do it more often.

Saturday we all went to King's Island (amusement park for those not from Ohio).  Typically we give the kids money for their birthdays but this year we decided to get King's Island passes for next summer instead.  They are more affordable than I've ever realized before (you can divide the cost out over monthly payments even) and I'm super pumped to have the birthdays taken care of long before they get here, and also that we have something we can all do together next summer.  Since I bought our passes early, we got to go once this fall for free.  My husband, son and I went early in the day, then the older boys and their friends came in the evening for the Halloween Haunt.  We all had a great time and I was impressed with how much fun fall stuff they had for the little kids.

The waterpark is closed for the season, but they have activities set up there for little ones, including this maze, and pony rides for $1.  We loved it!

Sunday we had the usual house cleaning and laundry to do, I also managed to get some of the winter clothes organized and summer stuff put away.  We took a break from that to do some bike riding and my mom and dad went with us just to hang out.  It was FUN and I was glad to see my mom having fun too.

And here is a recent pic of me, I am still doing low-carb but I have GOT to find my motivation to work out.  I did go to the gym yesterday and plan to make it at least two more times this week.

My friend gave me this sweater dress and it's my new favorite, but of course when I wore it yesterday it ended up being 75 degrees.  Figures.

Have a great week!

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