Sorry for the lack of posts this week...I have Christmasitis and all I feel like doing are Christmas things like baking cookies, watching movies, and wrapping everything that isn't nailed down.  And that's pretty much what I have been doing...

Saturday we baked all day with my sister and nephews, and made a few ornaments as well:

My sister is a master snowman decorator.

We also had my son's preschool Christmas program one night this week, and it was possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I am still loving Weight Watchers, although Monday was an epic failure on my part...Monday was our Christmas carry-in at work, and I had little to no self control.  

I tracked everything though, and still came out ok technically, although I definitely felt the effects of way too much sugar and carbs.  Also some of the stuff it was hard to track exactly...not sure the exact size of the PB fudge, for example, and what's listed above as the home made italian bread is actually amazing homemade bread that someone brought in with butter and jam.  So...who knows.  But I got right back to my normal the next day, although I have felt sluggish and lazy all week.

I do feel slimmer overall though...for sure.  Today I'm wearing size 18 American Eagle jeans (like regular ones, not the looser boyfriend ones) and I feel pretty good.  Today is also ugly Christmas sweater day: 

So...I'm still here and plugging along, just feeling quiet and enjoying the season.  

Six days until Christmas!  Eeeek.

This Week In Food and Other Things

I made it through my first full week of Weight Watchers, and am five pounds lighter to show for it.  Bam.  I won't lie, it made my day to see this when I logged my weight this morning.

I feel really good, and I have NEVER felt deprived or overly hungry all week long.  I've even had a treat here or there as my points have allowed.  Surprisingly, even with having a treat or two that I would have not had on low-carb, I've never felt out of control or the temptation to binge or just keep points and portions sizes have always been in the front of my thoughts.

Here's a little of what I've been eating this week, in no particular order (they aren't grouped by day, just how they happened to be in my phone):

My favorite breakfasts (I typically eat breakfast at my desk) are now low-sugar oatmeal or blueberry greek yogurt, and fruit.  Clockwise from top:  low-sugar oatmeal and string cheese for breakfast one day, light soup and turkey sandwich on wheat for lunch one day (fruit not pictured), blueberry yogurt and a banana for breakfast another day, and chicken cooked in the crockpot with salsa and Lipton rice  on the side (can't remember which kind, exactly, but one cup was 11 cup seemed like a lot too).

Leftover salsa chicken for lunch with a little more salsa and some cheese, string cheese and apple for snack, carrots/hummus/fruit for lunch yesterday, and dinner this week one night was pizza...instead of the pizza the boys were having I had a Smart Ones pizza with strawberries.

One night this week I made Christmas cookies (made = took out of the box and baked).  I looked them up and 2 cookies were 3 points.  I had 2 cookies and a cup of 2% milk.  I'm still having a love affair with diet coke...last night's dinner was taco soup cooked in the crockpot...I tracked it as 9 points for 2 cups, but what I had was really more like a cup and a half...and the tortilla chips were 4 points for 9 chips.  I used the rest of my weekly points (actually all but 3, I ended the week with 3 weekly points and 7 activity points remaining) on a glass of wine for my bubble bath last night.  This glass is huge so I tracked it as 10 ounces for 9 points.  

I didn't do as well with my workouts this week, I only got a few miles of walking in.  It's inevitable that the closer we get to Christmas my lunch breaks will consist more of last minute errands, Christmas lunches, etc, and I'm okay with that...but I'm going to continue to try to get as much walking in as I can here and there.  In January when things calm down I'm going to continue with Couch to 5k.  

Other fun things from the week:

One night we made a gingerbread house (from a kit), which was fun, and messy.  

I thought it turned out pretty well for being our first one ever.

I found the cutest sign at Kroger for $5 which goes perfectly with my house:

And one of my lunchtime errands this week was to the mall...I had a coupon at Bath and Body works so I got 6 soaps for $20 which will be part of teacher gifts.  This is the first year I've ever really done teacher gifts, and I tried not to get useless crap,,,I figured everyone likes soap pretty much.

We have a busy weekend ahead but I know that with the help of my new BFF, the Weight Watchers app, I shouldn't have any problem staying on track.  I'm actually excited to weigh in next Friday to see where I am which is a feeling I haven't experienced in a LONG TIME.  

Have a great weekend!

Why I Decided to Join Weight Watchers

Last week, I decided to sign up for Weight Watchers online.  This might come as a surprise as I've been beating the low-carb drum for a long time.  Also occasionally the "you don't need any paid programs to lose weight drum."  While I still believe in both - I believe that a low-carb/high fat diet can work wonders, and I totally believe that it's possible to lose weight without paying anyone or a company to "help," I just needed a change.  I've been treading water and/or gaining weight for months, and I was just sick of it and ready to try something new.

When I weighed in last Friday to put my weight in while signing up for WW, my weight was up to 285.  That is the ugly truth.  Over the summer, I was close to getting down to 260....when I went to the Dr. a few weeks ago when I was sick, she mentioned that I had gained 20 pounds since the summer.  TWENTY POUNDS.  Holy shit.  Not to mention that 285 pounds is only 11 pounds away from my high weight of 296 two years ago.  I expressed to her my frustration about my weight and she suggested I either see a weight loss specialist to discuss medication or possibly surgery ( each their own but I want no part of that)...OR, get a food scale and track every single thing I eat and come back in a few months to see how it's going.

In all this time of trying to lose weight, I have never measured or weighed my just seemed like too much work.  And if you've been reading for awhile, you know I will track my food for awhile and eventually fall off the wagon with it.  But really, weighing/measuring/tracking is pretty much the ONLY avenue I haven't tried when it comes to weight loss.  

I thought of Weight Watchers because I know several bloggers and real life friends who have done it successfully.  And it seems like WW has made major changes in the past few years.  It used to seem like the focus was just staying within your points no matter eating junk food doesn't matter as long as it's within your points...but that has changed.  Fruits and vegetables are now zero points, so it seems like they have shifted toward a mindset of encouraging healthy eating rather than just staying within points.  

I once tried to do Weight Watchers before and GAINED weight...right after I got married I had been packing the pounds on and was desperate to lose weight.  I wanted to do WW but didn't want to spend the money, so I tried to do it on my own by looking everything up online.  That probably would have worked, if I had been more dedicated, but I didn't fully understand the program and I just used it as an excuse to eat #allthecarbs.  I don't plan to do that this time.  I know that my body doesn't respond well to processed carbs and sugar...there is no reason to go carb and sugar crazy now just because I can fit it into my points for the day.

Some other reasons why I was ready for a change:

- I'm tired of low carb.  I can barely stand to look at meat and eggs these days.

- I miss fruit.

- I'm tired of feeling guilty about eating healthy foods such as fruit, popcorn, oatmeal, etc. because they have carbs.

- What I've been doing (or trying to do) clearly is not working anymore.

- A big reason is needing more accountability.  For some reason tracking points in the app is more attractive to me than counting calories in MyFitnessPal, and I like the accountability of a weekly weigh-in where I have to put my weight in the app.

- Another big reason is needing more flexibility.  We are on the go a LOT...strict-low carb dieting requires a LOT of cooking.  I'm tired of that.  I'm ready to be able to grab an apple on the way out the door.  

So how much did it cost me?  It cost $65 to sign up for the online program, which included the sign up fee, and the first three months.  You can read about it here.  After that, it's $20 a month.  I was hesitant to spend the money, especially at this time of the it really necessary to pay for something I can do on my own?  After almost one week in, I say YES.  Something about the points system has made things so much easier in my head.  And really...I easily waste $20 a month now...on impulse buys at the grocery store, coffee, clothes, whatever.  $5 per week really isn't that big of a deal.

I said I wasn't going to weigh myself until tomorrow, but I peeked at the scale this morning.  This morning I'm down to 280, which makes for a 5 pound loss since Friday.  I've eaten out several times, had wine here and there, eaten lots of fruit and veggies, and last night I ate a Christmas cookie with my son (tracked everything and stayed within my points).  And I still lost 5 pounds.  This is mind blowing to me.  So far I LOVE this program.  

Back tomorrow with more of what I've been eating all week.

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