Making It Work

This week is a good example of making the healthy lifestyle work in the midst of craziness.  We are into the summer baseball schedule now and have something going all the time.  The crockpot, chicken nuggets, and paper plates are my BFFs this time of year to feed my family dinner.  However, for this week I give myself a solid D- on meal prep - but I still was able to make decent healthy choices.

Tuesday evening my husband had to umpire a game, so he was gone for most of the evening...the older boys were gone too, so it was just my four-year-old and I.  I wanted to run, or at least walk, and decided to give it a try, and see how he would do occupying himself at the track while I did.

I set him up in the middle of the walking track with his bat, ball, and tee, and told him to work on his hitting.  I promised him that if could do that while I ran/walked, we could go over to the actual ball field after I was done and I would pitch to him for awhile.  This boy is OBSESSED, I mean beyond obsessed with baseball...the product of growing up at the ball field, and literally wants to play ball from the time he gets up in the morning to the time he goes to bed at night...I have to bribe him to get him to play other stuff than baseball.  So I figured this would work, and guess DID!

I was able to complete Couch to 5k, and he only asked me when I was going to be done 15 times.  Oh and hopefully burned extra calories from trying to talk to him while I was huffing and puffing, and turning around to run backwards a few times to check on him.  I kept my promise and after I was done I pitched to him on the big ball field for probably an hour.  

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about this, or the fact that he's old enough to appreciate the gloriousness of sleeping in...he will actually ask sometimes "can we sleep in tomorrow?"  I'm pretty stoked about all of this.

On Wednesday, I had to take our "new" used car in to the dealership...when we bought it Saturday there was something funky with the door locks, and we asked them to fix it as a condition of the sale.  The dealership is close to my work, so it worked out well for me to drop it off before work.  This meant I had to leave early though, and in my hurrying, I forgot my lunch in the fridge at my house.  I also forgot to pay the babysitter when I dropped my son off even though I had the money in my pocket to give her.  Sigh.  Forgetting my lunch wouldn't normally be a big deal because I would just run out and get something, but that wasn't an option since I was carless.

Luckily I had a frozen dinner in the freezer, and my friend was going to Wal-Mart so I asked her to bring me back some fruit.  I'm happy that I did not use this as an excuse to hit up the vending machine for a lunch of Snickers and chips.

We had a baseball game last night, and due to my lack of meal prep we decided to order pizza.  Pizza is some type of binge eating trigger for me...I have trouble controlling myself with it, so I got a salad from McDonald's instead.  Not as good as a home-cooked healthy dinner, but it saved me a lot of carbs and guilt.  

We did the same last night - ordered food from a local place after last night's game (this has to STOP...I plan to get my crap together this weekend and plan better for the next couple of weeks of busy evenings).  I got a chef salad.  I did have popcorn at the game last night because I was's hard for me to wait to eat diner until 8 pm.  Again with the planning...I need to have something simple prepared for myself to eat before the 6 pm games.

This has been a rough week with kids...teenage drama, the last couple weeks of school are stressful, too much baseball, I feel spread thin and four year old has asked me a couple of times "are you grumpy mom?" which makes me feel terrible.  But then they are being sweet like this and it makes it all better!

This weekend I really need to take the time to prep and have a plan for the next couple of weeks to set myself up for success, and not be so grumpy.  I'll try to write a post next week about what I'm cooking/doing to make that happen.  I'm also toying with the idea of quitting pop love affair with Diet Coke is out of control again, and I'm kind of sick of it.   I don't look forward to the headaches though.

I hope you all have a SAFE and happy Memorial Day!

I Got A Glimpse of That Runner's High Again

Maybe that should read "I got a glimpse of that runner's high....or at least I didn't want to throw myself into oncoming traffic...much."  

Lately (AKA since gaining all my weight back) I have just despised running.  Like can't bring myself to do it, and when I've attempted to do it, I'm just completely baffled how I ever ran in the first place, let alone did a half marathon 4 times.  It SUCKS.  A lot.  But...I do sometimes miss the feeling of accomplishment I got from's good for my brain to accomplish things I didn't think I could do.  And, I don't know if my metabolism is just that jacked up, or if I'm getting old, or what, but it seems that I can eat well and within my calorie range, or points, or whatever all the live long day, but if I'm not moving my ass and breaking a sweat several times a week, the scale isn't going anywhere but up for me.  Wah.  

So...back to the old couch to 5k.  I got myself up this morning and ran before work, and it didn't suck as bad as it has recently...during some of the jogging portions it was actually almost enjoyable.

Look!  I actually finishing something.  Yay me.

And, I don't know if it's feeling slimmer or self tanner, but I felt ok wearing a tank top again.  

And, I even made a running playlist.  Obviously, it's serious now.

As much as I DO NOT enjoy running right now, I enjoy the feeling I have when I'm done running, and I know I need that calorie burn.  And, I started from zero before, and yes it sucked, but it sucked a little less each time until it was somewhat enjoyable eventually.  I just have to keep at it.

I had planned to run on Saturday morning also, but it was pouring rain when I got up, so I slacked on that.  We had a tee-ball game at 10, and as the coach, one of my jobs is to decide if we can play or not...the rain had let up by then and it was scattered on the radar, so I just wasn't sure.  Big decisions...:)  I drove over and checked out the field and there were guys working on drying it out, so we decided to play...but after all my hem-hawing around there wasn't much time.   I just hate making the decision because I feel like either way people are going to be unhappy...if we play and it rains they will be unhappy that I didn't cancel, but then if we don't play it will surely clear up and not rain the rest of the day...anyway.  Because of hurrying around.  I was so so close to just grabbing something unhealthy for the road but instead I threw some grapes in a cottage cheese container and made my husband drive to the game so I could eat my healthy breakfast on the way.

I did pretty well watching my carbs over the weekend, and I didn't drink either.  I have grown to love my glass of wine on Friday and Saturday night, but I have to think that has been a factor in my weight gain also.  The wine itself, but also that it leads to me sitting around more, snacking on junk food more, and not getting up to workout on the weekends.  Sadly, I think it has to go.  We grilled a lot this weekend, and last night I made a carb-heavy casserole for the boys so I just had a salad.  For the first time in a long time, I went to bed on a Sunday night feeling really good about how I did with my eating on a weekend.

Our Saturday was spent purchasing another car.  I hate hate hate the car-buying process, but this actually went pretty smooth.  We have three, soon to be four drivers in our house...not to mention my husband has been driving a 1996 Honda Civic to work for the past five years to save on gas (he has a truck too, but drives far enough every day that it costs a fortune in gas in the truck).  He was ready for something newer to drive back and forth to work, so we bought a 2008 Chevy Malibu for him and handed the Honda down to the teenagers.  It's a nice little car and the price was right.  And we left all the kids at home while we went to do this, and stopped at Kohl's and went out to lunch after, so it was like a date :)

What else do you do when you buy a new car other than take a selfie?

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up on household chores...I feel like I did laundry all weekend long, and still have more to do.  

I feel like I started my week off right so far...I want to keep it going!

Currently - May 2015

A little rundown of what life looks like/recent goings-on as of May 2015.


Feeling - 

Like I have let my self-esteem take a beating since letting the weight creep back on.  I don't feel nearly as confident as I did this time last year, and kind of just want to hide.  Most of my cute spring clothes don't fit, and I've been living in jeggings from Maurices (because they're pretty much my only pair that fit comfortably), and loose shirts.  I also saw some pictures of myself from over the weekend that gave me the major sads about how I look right now vs. last summer.  Womp womp.  I did it to myself and I'm the only one that can fix it.

Cases in point of my recent "uniform."

I did get a few cute things at Old Navy when my mom and I were in Michigan the other weekend - a pair of skinny jeans that I love but I feel like they are a little too distressed for work.  And a pair of their pixie pants which I've been wanting to try - I think I will love them, but they only went up to size 18 which are still a little snug on me.  I also got a cute maxi dress which is really soft and flattering which I think I will live in later in the summer.

We are going to a wedding this weekend and I do have a super cute outfit planned for that, which I'm looking forward to, and I'm hoping that in a couple of weeks I will feel better in some of my more spring-y shirts.  That's my motivation at the moment because I hate feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

Working on - 

I have been going to the gym consistently again, and have been focused on walking a lot, and lifting again.  I am itching to run, but I'm trying to take it slow, and lately when I try to run it seems like it bothers my ankles...I'm assuming it's the extra weight?  Lifting has always done a LOT for my body in the past, and I trust that it will again if I put the work in.  The picture from below is yesterday and I do think I look a little slimmer than in recent weeks.  Also note that I didn't have to take my son to the sitter yesterday, so I got my ass up and went to the gym in the morning...which is so off-schedule for me that I kept having to remind myself that it was Wednesday, not Monday.  My biggest obstacle to doing that is packing all the stuff the night before, and getting up when the alarm goes off at 4:15.  BUT - knowing that I took the time to pack the stuff usually gets me going...I hate wasting time and it would kill me not to go knowing that all my stuff was packed and ready to walk out the door.

Hating - 

Household chores.  AKA laundry, and the massive quantities that my family produces.  However...we recently got a new washer and dryer because our old ones (10 years old) were just not getting the job done anymore, and were on their last legs.  I am in love with the new set, and it makes the laundry go a lot quicker - I never fail to be amazed when I open the dryer door and the clothes are actually DRY.  

For my sanity, I need for my kitchen to look like this at the end of the day (ignore the potatoes...I was getting some washed and ready for several meals ahead).  I am generally a huge bitch when I come home to a cluttery mess.  

Monday night I skipped going to a baseball game and just came home to the house all to myself and cranked up my music and cleaned the kitchen and made spaghetti and had a nice dinner ready to go when the boys all got home.  It was wonderful.


Salads and things that are easy to prepare and grab on the go.  

This is my favorite prepackaged salad - I try to make my own, but these are handy to keep around for busy mornings.

My favorite breakfast of late has been this greek yogurt with strawberries added.

I've been trying to back off the carbs as well.  When I click around on my past posts where I was actually losing weight, carbs are noticeably absent.  I feel like even if I am counting points or calories, pasta or bread will do me in every time.  I need to accept it and work around it and move on. 

Looking forward to:

Summer baseball, and gardening.  We got our garden tilled and ready to go Friday night, and now all we have to do is plant, and you know, maintain (my least favorite part).

Our opening day for summer league baseball was on Saturday, I got and made breakfast and then browbeat everyone into taking a group picture...

I love the picture because it's all of us in our baseball stuff, but I hate how I look in it.  BUT, I refuse to allow my perception of myself right now to keep me from being in family pictures.  My kids won't care later in life.

I ordered these cookies for my tee-ball team to have something special for them on opening day, and I thought they were adorable.

The weather was beautiful and everyone played well and it was just a really fun day.

Loving - 

These little Mason Jar Measuring Spoons I ordered recently - I used to have a really nice pair of Kitchen Aid ones, but they've been scattered to the winds...probably used by kids to dig in the dirt or something.  I fell in love with these Mason jar ones - I am into canning and have about a bazillion mason jars, so it fits.

I'm also loving that campfire/sit outside and hang out season is here again...I could sit by a fire all night long.

I've been on a mission to make our deck cozy and inviting and I love how it has turned out so far.

That's life lately around here :)

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