Positive Things

I have been more focused again lately and I feel like my motivation is starting to come back.  I have done some type of workout every day this week and plan to keep it going for the rest of the week to try to get six days in a row.  Last night I did 3 miles, the first two alternating laps of walking and running, and the third mile was just a brisk walk.  Pandora was playing exactly the songs I wanted to hear, and I felt GREAT.  I haven't taken nearly as many gym selfies since I quit Instagram, but I took one last night and I don't look nearly as huge as I've been imagining myself lately.  Get over yourself, brain.

My mother in law picked my son up from the sitter yesterday to go pick pears and ended up keeping him overnight (she takes him to school on Thursday anyway) so when I walked out of work I practically danced out of there at the thought of an evening with no cartoons on TV and not cooking dinner (leftover night = the best).  It was the first time in forever I went to the gym in the evening, and not only that, but I enjoyed it.  After that I went home and planted myself on the couch with home-popped popcorn and a glass of wine to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and true to form, I made it through maybe the first 40 minutes and was out.

Earlier in the week I did workout DVDs, I am a big fan of Leslie Sansone Walk Away the pounds, they are easier than say, a Jillian Michaels DVD, but you can still work up a sweat, especially with the more advanced DVDs.

In my sons room because the boys were watching TV in the living room.  No excuse to not move my ass.

On Monday I was off work to go on a preschool field trip with my son to a local farm.  

It's a really cool place, they have a lot to do there and also lots of yummy goodies there.  They have doughnuts there that are absolutely heavenly.  I bought a half dozen to take home to the boys.  That morning, we were slow getting started and I made the rookie mistake of not eating breakfast.  I had one bite of a doughnut and then I realized what I was doing and stopped myself.  

Best doughnuts ever.  I'm proud of myself for not eating 3 of them like I wanted to.

We also carved pumpkins this week which was fun times as always.

My husband stopped on his way home to get candles and brought home a bunch of Halloween candy.  It took all my willpower but I didn't touch it.

I just feel good, better than I have in awhile.  I feel like I'm out of my funk or whatever and taking positive steps to get to where I want to go.  

I will leave you with this thought...the snail is how I've been feeling but I won't let that stop me:

Noodles, Homecoming, and Bike Riding

Our weekend was awesome, but it was the kind of awesome where I feel rested instead of worn out from the weekend.  It was pretty low-key but we had lots of fun.  

Friday night we just hung out in the garage working on our Christmas projects...we are making birdhouses for the grandparents for their gifts from my son.  We ordered pizza (I had a salad and pizza toppings...and wine) and the time spent together was awesome.  We had Christmas music going on Pandora and one of the older boys came out to talk to us before heading out somewhere and said "um...do you guys know it's October?"  Yes, we know.  Don't judge.  Side note - anyone else with a 3 year old going through the "deathly afraid of loud noises" phase?  My son freaks out so much about the noise when my hubby uses a saw or whatever that he finally gave him these earmuffs which solved the problem.  Haha.

Saturday we got together with my mother in law and aunt to learn to make homemade noodles.  This is something they do about twice a year, and something I really wanted to learn because it was something my grandma did a lot.  It is a long, time consuming process but we had fun.

Afterward he said his arm is tired from cranking.

In case anyone is interested...you mix this into a soft dough, roll out with rolling pin, cut into smaller strips and put through a noodle maker. 

Flour...lots and lots of flour.

We made four batches which should fill about 10 quart size ziploc bags.  The noodles have to dry for 2 days, once they are dry we will just put them in the freezer bags and put them in the freezer to use whenever.  

We had a lot of fun with it, it's definitely not something I would want to HAVE to do or do all the time, but I'm glad I know how now...it makes me happy to know how to do something that my grandma did a lot.

Saturday night was homecoming for my oldest son and his girlfriend at her school.  

Aren't they just gorgeous?

After we saw them off, my husband and the other boys and I went to dinner then had an early night.  I hadn't planned on going out to dinner, but at some point on Saturday we realized it was Sweetest Day - which is apparently a regional thing.  We don't pay much attention to that sort of thing but if it gets me off the hook for making dinner, I'm in.

Sunday my parents went to church with us which was nice, and then after some chores at home we went bike-riding on my favorite trail.  It was seriously THE BEST.  We had a great day.  

Obviously I went picture crazy.  

I have no idea how far we went but it had to be at least a few miles.  We were out there for about 2 hours and it felt like we covered a lot of ground.  There was also a lot of stopping and starting to look at various things in the woods, etc. and anytime he slowed way down for leaves or curves in the trail, whatever I just got off my bike and walked it.  The only fly in the ointment was his first bike crash.  I was trying to teach him to stay on the right side, this is a busy bike trail and experienced bikers ride fast.  I was trying to explain all this and the need to stay on the right, especially around curves, etc.  Apparently he took me seriously because he stayed on the right so much he rode straight off the pavement and crashed and rolled with his bike down the enbankment.  Scared me to death!  I just couldn't react quickly enough to catch him.  Thankfully it wasn't a big deal and we continued on our way.  But it was also a good learning opportunity to talk about why he wears a helmet every time.  He did have one battle scar where his sunglasses scraped him, nothing a Jake band-aid and cuddles with mom couldn't fix.

One thing I need to work harder at on the weekends is fitting in serious exercise.  Yes we were busy but could I have found time to fit a run it?  If I had wanted to, yes.  I think I am going to sign up for a Saturday Zumba class to help motivate me.  

How was your weekend?  Have a great week!

Things I'm An Expert At

- Teaching my kid the art of the selfie:

- Falling asleep on the couch at 8 pm

- overpacking for vacation

- reading a book from cover to cover in a day

- being a control freak

- Thinking of the perfect comeback way after the fact

- wasting cute outfits on days that don't matter

- not knowing what to do with my hands when people are talking to me

- cooking large quantities of cheap food for my houseful of boys

- freaking out about things that don't even matter and/or will never happen

- annoying the shit out of my friends and family with my need to constantly take pictures

- talking to friends during sporting events and missing everything important about the game

- Facebook stalking finding out public information about people via the Internet

- spending too much at Maurices

- listening to a song until I wear it out and eventually can't stand it

- taking unflattering, cross-eyed selfies and sending them to friends

- using all the hot water in the house in my bubble bath

- not making the bed

- not putting my clothes away

- performing a one-woman concert in the car

- having a "glass" of wine and then actually having 3

- oversharing on Facebook

- trying my best and then trying some more to be a good stepmom...hopefully succeeding

- telling teenagers to pick up after themselves

- growing beautiful flowers without doing a darn thing to them (just lucky I guess)

- going on dates with this guy

- gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over

- dropping a favorite makup item and shattering it into a million pieces

- telling this boy I love him at least 5 times a day

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