Saturday Was Not A Good Food Day.

The good news is, my size 20 Maurices jeggings fit comfortably again, which was getting questionable at the beginning of January.  The bad news is, I didn't do so hot with my food this weekend.  I did track everything though, and stayed within my points (I think...some of the stuff was iffy to calculate), IF you include the weekly points and activity points.  But Saturday night I went to bed overly full and with a tummyache, feeling like I gained 500 pounds.  I hate that feeling.  

Starting at the beginning of the weekend - Friday night my son had a basketball game, then we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse to use a gift card we had gotten for Christmas.  I had a margarita but wanted to play it safe with calculating my points for dinner, so I had a side salad, sweet potato, and six ounce sirloin.  I usually get a big salad but calculating the points for that seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth.  It's been awhile since I had a good steak though, and this one was Yum-O.

Saturday morning we slept in, laid around watching cartoons, and Iron Man even made a special appearance.

I started my day off with a decent breakfast...this is pretty much my go-to breakfast on days that I'm home - light english muffin, peanut butter, and a banana.

I tried my hand at doing my hair curly...which was easy but I think I prefer straight.  Although, I think this is my short-hair version of the sock in, I can wear it like this for about 3 days in a row without having to do anything :)

Then, my mom and my youngest son and I were off to my twin nephews' 6th birthday party.  It was a FUN party - and my sister did a really good job with the food...which was the beginning of my downward spiral.  Ha!  

What I SHOULD have done was drink water and just have a piece of cake.  Instead I drank punch that I didn't need and grazed throughout the party.  I wasn't sure how to calculate the punch - my sister made it and it was so good - it was sherbet, vanilla ice cream, pineapple juice, and diet ginger I just looked up punch and over-estimated how much I had.  My sister also brought a bottle of my favorite wine that we shared (it's not the Barefoot that I tracked, but that is the closest thing to it I can find in the app).  That was well worth the points.

After the party my mom and I went shopping, and by evening we were hungry so we went though Mc Donald's - at McDonald's I usually get a salad, a chicken sandwich, or a snack wrap.  This time I got 2 snack wraps, and planned for that to by my dinner, and be done for the day.  

And then...after I got home, the boys were hungry at around 8 pm, so I ordered Papa John's,..and I couldn't resist it and ended up having 2 slices.  Hangs head.  Thank the lord for weekly points and activity points.  I actually probably had more activity points than this shows, I took my FitBit off Saturday morning to charge and still haven't remembered to put it back on.  But in this case, I'm glad to not have any more activity points showing than what I do might not make sense but if I don't see that they are there I won't be tempted to use them the rest of the week, and after Saturday I really want to be more strict this week and stay within my daily points every day.

Yesterday I took my 14 year old stepson and his girlfriend shopping to pick out an outfit for him for a dance they have coming up.  That was fun, he stays pretty busy with sports so I don't get to spend a lot of time with him one on one like that.  I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want his new girlfriend to think I'm a weirdo, but we ate lunch out and I stuck with the salad bar.  :)

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, it snowed, I went home to my jammies, drank coffee, and did some work work at home to prepare for a busy week.

Any other fellow paper pushers obsessed with these fingertip things?  I can't hardly stand to not use one.  Filed under: random.

I made chili for dinner last night which is perfect on snowy days.

Despite the weekend's over indulgences, I feel pretty good - I definitely feel slimmer, and like I'm fitting into my clothes better, including my gym clothes.

So...I guess my takeaway here is that it's still very easy for me to fall down a slipperly slope of making bad food choices...and I do NOT feel good when I use all my weekly points in one day.

Moving on, I plan to make this a good week!

Chopping My Hair Off + Saying Goodbye to the 290's

I chopped my hair off this week, and it felt GREAT.

I have been contemplating this for awhile, my hair is super thick and heavy, and was looking a little straggly from coloring it all the time.  And...I just wanted a change.  I had a hair appointment this week anyway, and when I got there I said "do you want to have some fun and chop my hair off?!" and she said "let's put it in a ponytail and cut it off before you change your mind." So I closed my eyes and said do it.

I took the picture at a funny angle, but it was about 8 inches.

I won't lie, I am vain about my hair, and it took a lot of contemplating, stewing, and looking at pictures to talk myself into this, but I LOVE IT.  My head feels so light, and it just feels fun.

The next morning I woke up and had a brief freak-out in my bed when I reached up and realized most of my hair was gone, but then got up and looked in the mirror and was happy again.  

I can always grow it back out if I want,  but for now it's fun to have a different hairstyle.

And...I lost weight this week, and am officially out of the 290's again - hopefully to stay this time!  

I felt like I did pretty well this week, there were a couple of days that I felt like I overate, but I have felt slimmer and have been trying hard to walk most every day.  I felt nervous getting on the scale this morning because I REALLY wanted to see a loss...I was happy.  Although I briefly wondered about the weight of all that hair I cut off ;)

I one happy lady today - it's Friday, I have cute hair, I lost weight this week, my weekly points re-set today, and I have a gift card leftover from Christmas to go out to dinner tonight.  I see a steak dinner and red wine in my future. :)

Have a great weekend!!

Baby Steps

Lately I feel like I'm back to doing baby steps.  Since joining Weight Watchers, I am learning a new-to-me (healthy!) way to eat instead of focusing on low carb.  And lately, I have been walking at every available opportunity.  When you follow a lot of weight loss blogs, or weight loss social media accounts, I think it's easy to get caught up in "going hard," "lifting heavy," "eating clean," whatever.  I certainly have in the past.  But I think it's also okay to focus on the basics of weight loss (especially if you have a lot to lose, like me), which essentially is moving more, eating less.  

On Monday the kids didn't have school, but I still had to work.  Normally I get the kids up for school, but my little guy spent the night at grandma's and I didn't have to worry about getting kids up, so I got myself out the door well before the crack of dawn to walk at the gym.  I haven't done that in a LONG time, and it felt good.  I love how quiet things are that early in the morning.

I also walked at lunch that day (while listening to Serial, of course, I'm on like Episode 8 and already wondering what I'm going to do when I'm done with all of them).  When I got my FitBit I really wasn't sure if I would like it or not, but I do really enjoy watching my steps add up.

Since getting back on track at the beginning of January, I haven't had much trouble at all staying within my Weight Watchers points.  I never feel deprived and always feel like I have plenty of options.  I cannot even express to you how amazing it feels to be able to eat what my family is eating without feeling guilty about it.  In a way that has been a hard thing to wrap my brain around (are you sure I can eat this and still lose weight?! goes through my mind on the regular still), but on the other hand it has been so freeing.  I have so much less to worry about - when doing low carb I basically had two dinner ideas running through my head all the time - what the boys were eating and what I could eat - and also I think my grocery bill has been less too.  I love the saying "I can eat whatever I want, just not EVERYTHING I want."

Sunday night's dinner - no kids were home so my husband and I had pizza in front of the TV.  Perfection.  Instead of filling my plate with pizza like I wanted I took 1/6 of the Digiorno (the serving size in my WW app, 9 pp) and filled the rest of my plate with fruit and veggies.

Yesterday's lunch:  turkey hot dog, leftover corn, apple

Monday night's dinner was pork chops on the grill, potatoes, and corn, tonight's dinner is chicken breast cooked in the crockpot, probably fries for the boys and vegetables for me.

The weather here was SO NICE yesterday.  We had some problems with our plumbing this week which was REALLY fun but hopefully resolved now.  Nothing is more fun for country boys than digging up the yard, so they had some fun with that...I actually spent a lot of time outside last night doing a little work in my flowerbeds for spring (that I should have done in the fall), cleaning up the rest of the yard, and we even had a little fire outside.  I am SO anxious for spring now.

That's my 17-year-old stepson running the excavator...these two are best buds.

And...I've been having some issues with eye strain lately so I broke down and bought some reading glasses...I like them I think...but have also been joking a lot about wrinkle cream, a cane, etc. since I'm turning 30 in a couple of weeks :)

In the next few weeks I want to branch out more and try some different Weight Watchers recipes for dinners and stuff...most of the time I'm pretty good about sneaking in healthy stuff without the boys really noticing :)

Do you have a favorite healthy dinner?

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